Eros Q&A

What categories does this novel fall in?

Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy, Christian, Fiction

Christian Paranormal Romance is a unique combination. What motivated you to write a novel of this type?

I am a closet Twihard. It is a saga that I hate to love. I have daughters who are also Team Edward and I wished that I had a Christian alternative to the series. I wanted them to fall in love with a character who wasn’t a demon that required they turn their back on God. I also wanted to show that falling in love and all the physical feelings that go with it are a gift from God, rather than against the strict purity assumptions of some religions. I felt that literature was lacking good contemporary Christian romance novels that weren’t historical or Amish.

We know that the main character of the book is a foster child. What prompted you to create a character with that background?

As a former foster mom, it came to my attention that most young adult novels feature protagonists who are surrounded by happy, supportive families. Books with foster children and former foster children as lead characters were often heartbreaking stories. I felt there was a need for novels that featured strong foster children as heroes. These children have already overcome so much in their lives and yet they don’t recognize their own value, courage, and capabilities. In my opinion, these children are the ideal heroes for a novel. They have experienced tragedy and have the qualities to overcome adversity.

Will this book be the first in a series?

Publication of a sequel will be determined by the success of the first book. However, I can tell you that the writing process has already begun on the second book in this series.