Calling All Writers

Are you a published author who is interested in an out-of-the-box way to attract new readers?

Join my Bookmark Swap program!

  • affordable exposure for your book in another city
  • a professional bookmark designed FOR FREE
  • a custom QR code created for the purchase link of your choice
  • a marketing relationship with another published author

Eros bookmark print

Joining the program is easy.

  1. Email me at to sign up
  2. If you already have a bookmark, email me the design
    If you do not yet have a bookmark designed, give me your book details and I will make you a design – for FREE. (the bookmark above is my design)
  3. Provide $21 payment (VistaPrint 20 bookmarks for $16+$4.99 S/H)
  4. Give me your mailing address so that I can send you 20 of my bookmarks
  5. I will distribute your bookmarks in my city, and you will distribute mine in your city
  • tuck them into books of the same genre in the library
  • leave on a coffee shop table
  • give to a friend who is a fan of the genre
  • pin to a community bulletin board