Instant Family: Four things I love about this new film

instant family

*Disclaimer: This is not a movie review. I have only seen the trailer.

So much in the entertainment industry portrays foster kids in cliché and depressing ways that miss the mark. I am excited to see a major motion picture tackling this often taboo topic differently than Hollywood normally does.

Not Cliché

Usually the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “foster child” is a cute and cuddly toddler. Most of society does not consider how many foster kids are teenagers or how many are sibling sets wanting to stay together. This is the not so appealing yet honest side of foster statistics in America. I love that this movie tears downs common misconceptions about foster care. Wouldn’t it be awesome if foster kids could tell their friends at school they were in foster care without the fear of criticism from lack of knowledge?

Not Sappy

The movie appears to handle emotional situations in a non-sappy manner. Even though foster care can be a heavy topic, it doesn’t have to be a made-for-television after school special. The life of a foster child can be funny, exciting, and normal just like that of a non-foster child. Hopefully, a movie like this will show that foster care is not all doom and gloom. Let’s take away the stigma foster children face by making this situation (they are not responsible for) more mainstream and acceptable.

Not Greedy

The goal of most Hollywood movies is to exceed their production budget with big tickets sales at the box office. Movies are produced to make money by entertaining audiences.

Finally, we have a movie with a cause. According to Sean Anders, the writer and director of the movie, he created the movie not to encourage people to rush out and foster or adopt but to “demystify” the topic. He wanted to spread the word that foster kids are just like any other kids. He’s also using this as a platform to encourage audiences to donate money or time to the cause. You can learn more at the website:

Not Fake

If the characters and situations of this film seem realistic, it’s because they are. The movie is based on the true story of Sean and Beth Anders. It doesn’t sugarcoat foster parenting but shows real scenarios and struggles that foster kids and parents go through. This movie also shows that foster parenting (just like traditional parenting) is not for the faint of heart but is well worth the journey.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, this new movie is scheduled to come out November 16, 2018. I hope you’ll join me in supporting this movie at the box office.  I really hope the movie meets all the expectations the trailer has set.

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